Michelle and Kody’s wedding at Willow Ridge Manor, just outside of Denver, reflected them well; low-key, down to earth, and real. They wanted their pictures to be the same, no silliness or staged moments, just honest documentary photography of their wedding. Which always makes me happy.

Groom getting ready by Denver wedding photographer

Bride getting ready by Denver wedding photographer

Preparations for Willow Ridge Manor wedding

Bride and father by Denver wedding photojournalist

Bride and groom in ceremony by Denver wedding photojournalist

Exchanging rings at Morrison Colorado wedding by Denver wedding photojournalist

Denver wedding photographer captures end of ceremony at Willow Ridge Manor

Bride and groom embrace following ceremony by Denver wedding photographer

Candid wedding photography of couple at Morrison Colorado wedding

Denver bride embraces friend at Willow Ridge Manor

Natural wedding photography of bride and groom at Denver wedding.

Newlyweds by Morrison Colorado wedding photojournalist

First dance by Denver wedding photographer

Wedding reception at Willow Ridge Manor

Groom and mother dance at Morrison Colorado wedding

Bride and father at Willow Ridge Manor wedding

Denver wedding photographer captures last dance at Morrison Colorado wedding.

Last dance at Morrison Colorado wedding

Last dance kiss by Colorado wedding photographer.