Annika & Keith were married at Willowbrook Amphitheater in Morrison, just south of Denver. It’s a horseshoe-shaped natural rock formation, sort of like a large cave with an opening on one end and a skylight in the middle. It’s one of the most unique wedding venues in Colorado that I’ve been to, perhaps anywhere. They Annika wanted natural wedding photography by a photojournalist, so we are on the same page. Just before the music started at the ceremony, their dog got loose and ran down the aisle into Keith’s arms. The best moments are unscripted, always.

Preparation for Morrison Colorado Wedding

Bride and father at Willowbrook Amphitheater

Dogs at weddings by Denver wedding photojournalist

Bride and father walk down aisle in Colorado wedding

wedding ceremony at willowbrook amphitheater by denver wedding photographer
Willowbrook Amphitheater really is an amazing space. Aside from the stone floor, it looks like a box canyon in Moab, completely wild and natural. Tandem Events had 24 hours to transform it into a wedding venue. They did a great job, though I’m not sure if they slept that night.

bride and groom exchange vows at denver wedding

bride and father after denver wedding ceremony at willowbrook amphitheater

friends congratulate groom by denver wedding photographer

flower girl at Morrison Colorado wedding

Portrait of flower girl by denver wedding photojournalist
These are the flower girls. Although 99% of my pictures are completely natural and candid, I will occasionally pull someone aside for a portrait. And they are clearly portraits, never arranged situations where someone is pretending to be doing something other than being photographed. They tend to be simple, direct, and hopefully honest. If it doesn’t look like a Wedding Portrait, all the better.

Groom at cocktail hour at willowbrook amphitheater wedding
Keith at the cocktail hour, engaged in conversation. Unless someone is making eye contact with the photographer/viewer, you can be assured it was a natural moment.

heading to wedding reception at willowbrook amphitheater

best tie for groom misused at denver wedding

father of bride at willowbrook amphitheater by denver wedding photojournalist

bride and groom at morrison colorado wedding
They wanted some regular wedding portraits, so we went for a little walk. A few minutes, then done. Back to the reception.

first dance by denver wedding photojournalist

father of the bride gives a toast at willowbrook amphitheater wedding

first dance by denver wedding photojournalist

denver wedding photographer captures reception at willowbrook amphitheater

cake cutting by denver wedding photographer

dancing at colorado wedding venue

wedding reception at willowbrook amphitheater

father of the bride at morrison colorado wedding

dancing at willowbrook amphitheater wedding

wedding reception laughter by denver wedding photojournalist

noir by denver wedding photojournalist

father of bride at end of willowbrook amphitheater wedding

flower girl and father at morrison colorado wedding

bride at willowbrook amphitheater