Maria and Ilya were looking for a Denver wedding photographer who understood their Manhattan vibe. I’ve lived in New York and they’re recent transplants who brought a small chunk of the city out to Longmont for their wedding at Black Cat Farm. It’s sort of a gourmet farm to table place that brought the tables to the farm itself. Most of what they serve comes from the same property, and I saw them picking the greens and vegetables that would be served that evening. I don’t recall what they served as animal protein, but they were doubtlessly discrete on that front. In any case, the venue is surrounded by rolling hills and feels very removed from everything.

As a Denver wedding photographer, I’ve worked in a lot of places up in the mountains or these rural venues sprinkled along the front range. Just being outside the city or the suburbs, driving down gravel roads through canyons or farmland to the ceremony site puts one in a different mindset. It sets the expectation that today we are plucked out of our everyday lives for something special.

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