Michelle and Nick could look out their living room window and see their wedding site, Coohills restaurant in downtown Denver. Actually, the wedding was on an old steel trestle bridge over Cherry Creek, only a few dozen feet from the restaurant door. They were down to earth, sharp-witted, enjoyed a pint, and wanted natural Denver wedding photography. We got along just fine.

Denver wedding photographer shows groom before wedding.

Denver bride prepares for wedding at Coohills.You thought War Paint was a euphemism, right?

Groom before Denver wedding ceremony.

Maid of honor writes her toast before Coohills wedding.

Bride and maid of honor outside Coohills wedding.From their apartment, it was literally a five minute walk. In a long dress and heels.

Bride awaits her cue by Denver wedding photojournalist.

Downtown Denver wedding ceremony on bridge over Cherry Creek.

Wedding vows on bridge next to Coohills restaurant.

Bride and groom sign marriage license on bridge outside Coohills restaurant.At most weddings, after the public ceremony, the couple goes off into a side room and signs the document that actually makes it official. Michelle and Nick made it part of the ceremony, which seems so logical you begin to wonder why it’s done any other way.

Best man gives bride high five after signing marriage license.

Kiss during Coohills restaurant wedding ceremony.

Denver wedding photojournalist captures kiss after the ceremony.

Congratulating the bride at Coohills wedding ceremony.

Hugging after wedding ceremony at Coohills restaurant.

Officiant at Denver wedding takes selfie with bride and groom.

Wedding portrait by Denver wedding photographer.Yes, we did a few requisite family photos and all of that. The only posed pictures of the day.

Mother of the groom at Coohills wedding reception.Nick’s mom.

Raising a pint at Denver wedding reception.

Coohills wedding couple laughing during toast.

Bride and groom work on their speeches during Denver wedding reception.Reviewing their speeches and toasts to the guests.

Groom watches bride give toast during Denver wedding.

First dance by Denver wedding photojournalist.

Dancing with friends at Coohills wedding.

Coohills wedding couple on the dance floor.

Denver wedding photojournalist shows couple dancing at Coohills.

Bride and groom kiss at Denver wedding reception.

Bride and groom at Coohills wedding reception.

Man with long hair at wedding reception.

Denver wedding photographer captures dancing at Coohills wedding reception.

Denver wedding photographer captures mother of bride and groom dancing.

Denver bride listens for kicking inside her friend's belly

Couple kiss at Coohills wedding reception by Denver wedding photojournalist

Denver Bride and groom dance at Coohills wedding

Denver wedding photojournalist captures couple leaving Coohills wedding