Jamie and Michael were married at The Manor House in Morrison, Colorado. It’s a beautiful setting, though I never want the environment to upstage the people gathered, the people who will be so much more important years into the future than chosen colors or intricate place settings. As a Denver wedding photojournalist, I prefer to work in black and white, always putting the focus on the individual and the ways in which we connect.

getting ready for a wedding at the manor house
bridesmaids at a manor house wedding in morrison, colorado
Ballroom at the manor house in Morrison, outside of Denver
Bride entering wedding ceremony at The Manor House in Morrison.
Manor House weddings offer a peek at downtown Denver.
The Manor House is in an interesting location. It’s tucked behind the first set of foothills so you’re surrounded by mountains, but in the area where they hold most outdoor weddings there’s a little break in the hills perfectly aligned with downtown Denver.

Manor House wedding ceremony by Denver wedding photographer.
Denver wedding photojournalist captures exchange of vows at Manor House wedding.
Couple after wedding ceremony at The Manor House in Morrisson.
Denver wedding photojournalist captures Manor House wedding couple just after ceremony.
Signing marriage license at The Manor House by Denver wedding photographer.
There can’t possibly be that many places to sign a marriage license.

Bride and groom in private moment by Denver wedding photojournalist.
My favorite time, when they get a brief respite. It’s great to have your family and close friends to share things, but sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in entertaining and hitting all your marks at the designated times that you don’t get to really experience the day with the one person who matters most. Take a moment. Run away.

Groom and best man at wedding in Morrison, Colorado.

Manor House wedding reception by Denver wedding photographer.
Bridesmaids at The Manor House wedding reception by Denver wedding photojournalist.
Denver wedding photojournalist captures wedding cake smashing.
No one actually admits that they’re going to do this beforehand. Take those denials with a grain of salt.

First dance by Denver wedding photographer at The Manor House in Morrison.
Bride and groom during toasts at Morrison wedding by Denver wedding photojournalist.
Laughing at Manor House wedding by Denver wedding photographer.
Sparkler send-off at Manor House wedding by Denver wedding photographer.