Mini & Jung had their ceremony and reception at the Magnolia Hotel Denver, which has a huge ballroom across the street from the main hotel. They are a surprising couple, very polite and somewhat reserved. Until the music starts.

groom prepares for Denver wedding

denver bride prepares

bridesmaids fix dress at Magnolia Hotel Denver

denver bride kisses boy

groom arrives at Denver Magnolia Hotel

Bride with father by Denver wedding photographer

Groom enters at Denver Magnolia Hotel

Bow to elders at Magnolia Hotel Denver wedding

Wedding ceremony at Magnolia Hotel Denver

Bride at cocktails by Denver wedding photographer

Asleep at Denver Magnolia Hotel wedding

Denver wedding photographer at Magnolia Hotel

Photojournalist captures Denver wedding reception.

Groom with grandma by Denver wedding photographer

Magnolia Hotel reception by Denver wedding photographer.

Groom and friend at wedding reception

Dance party by Denver wedding photojournalist.

Bride and groom at reception by Denver wedding photographer.

Bride and groom on dance floor by Denver wedding photographer.

Quiet moment with bride and groom at Magnolia Hotel Denver.

Denver wedding photographer captures bride at reception.