Lauren and Gregg are two of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to work with as a Denver wedding photojournalist. I had flown out to Washington DC to do a corporate shoot and was just packing up my equipment in the building lobby when they approached me and asked if I could make some portraits for their company website. They had been watching me work and thought I would be a good fit. When I sent them the pictures, they called me and asked me to shoot their wedding. They’ve been quite successful navigating the complexities of federal and state government real estate, but when it comes to major decisions they tend to follow their instincts.

Bride with officiant before backyard wedding ceremony.Lauren with the officiant, soon to be her brother in law.

Documentary wedding photography of bride walking down aisle with father.Lauren’s father walks her down the aisle.

Backyard wedding ceremony in Gross Ile, Michigan.

Couple in backyard ceremony by Denver wedding photographer.

Bride and groom in very hot backyard wedding in Gross Ile, Michigan.These two had chemistry in spades. They are a unit, they are a team, and two of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Denver wedding photojournalist captures ceremony kiss in backyard wedding.

Denver wedding photographer captures bride and groom kissing after ceremony.

Bride and groom in Gross Ile, Michigan

Backyard reception by Denver wedding photojournalist

Conflicting advice on signing marriage license by wedding photojournalistEveryone seems to offer advice on where and how to sign a marriage license…

Couple signs marriage license in backyard wedding.…but no one tells you not to flip the pages over the votive candles. Their signatures were blacked out, but I think the contract holds.

Wedding couple in Gross Ile, Michigan

Black and white wedding photography of groom toasting bride.Some people think you have to have two photographers to cover all angles at an event, but photojournalists manage to do it all the time. The trick is to anticipate, and to move. It works pretty well.

Groom toasting bride by Denver wedding photojournalist

Denver wedding photographer captures groom's mother with his daughterGregg’s daughter with his mother. He had a few kids going into his relationship with Lauren, and this was a pivotal day in their lives as well. When kids are involved, it’s not just the union of a couple, but of a family. There are complex emotions present, and I feel they are very much a part of the story.

Wedding kiss by Denver documentary wedding photographer

Couple with father of the bride at backyard wedding in MichiganGregg’s dad after his toast…

Sisters toast bride at backyard wedding…and Lauren’s sisters during their roast.

First dance by Denver wedding photojournalist

First dance at Gross Ile wedding by documentary photographer

Groom and son dancing at backyard wedding in Gross IleGregg with his youngest son.

Groom and son dancing at backyard wedding in Gross IleNot everyone is a natural on the dance floor.

Denver wedding photojournalist captures groom hugging his kids

Groom's kids dance at backyard weddingFamily matters. It’s their day too.

Couple with bride's father by Denver wedding photojournalist

Couple with groom's daughter at Detroit wedding

Father of the bride fights the heat in the hot Michigan summer

Black and white wedding photography of couple returning to their house.

Bride with close friend by Denver wedding photojournalist

Crazy mother of the groom at Gross Ile weddingWhen Gregg’s mom talks to someone, she is so warm and present they feel they are the only other person on earth. I wanted to sneak her onto the plane back to Denver.

Tent at backyard wedding outside Detroit

Wild bride dancing by black and white Denver wedding photographer

Backyard tent wedding by Denver wedding photojournalist

Couple at reception by Denver documentary wedding photographerLittle stories are everywhere. As a Denver wedding photojournalist, I love weddings because I can be in the midst of all these dynamics and no one ever asks why I’m there. I’m the help. I’m like the guy refilling water glasses, in plain sight but also invisible. It’s liberating.

Documentary photography of dancing at Detroit wedding

Family dances at Detroit wedding

Quiet moment of groom and his son by Denver wedding photojournalist

Denver wedding photographer covers backyard wedding in Michigan

Denver wedding photographer captures groom and bride in tight embrace
Gregg and Lauren have built a retreat and started a foundation, Restore the Restorers, which will someday become a movement to provide restoration to first responders, counselors, therapists, and veterans, people who devote their lives to helping others. They take care of everyone else, but who takes care of them? Their jobs are critical, but the burnout rate is high as they become mentally and emotionally depleted. These two now devote most of their time and resources to those so easily overlooked. To spend any time at all with them is to find this not only unsurprising, but inevitable.